Olympic Dreams: The Soccer Player


Thirteen you’re going in; don’t feel too bad if you don’t start the game because why would I start such a clumsy kid; tie your cleats before you walk out on the field; this is U.S. soccer; you must have passion; never mind what the opposition says; stay focused on the game; the Elite are second to none; try and hold yourself like an athlete and not like the clumsy kid that you are; stand tall; use your speed Thirteen; keep the ball in front of you; pass the ball Thirteen; is it true that you daydream on the field; to win you must focus; to win your mind must stay on the field; to win you must believe you are the best; passion Thirteen; defense wins championships; you must anticipate the opponent’s move; to win you must outplay them; take your time; look for an open player to pass the ball; don’t let the defender push you down; get up Thirteen; this is where we separate boys from men; is it true that you cry when you fall; don’t let them see you weak; sometimes, you have to hit ‘em where it hurts; sometimes, you have to pretend to have been tripped when in fact you fell; you play to win; is it true that you always give up the ball; but I don’t try to lose it; always look an opponent in the eye like a tiger upon his prey; keep the fear to yourself Thirteen; goals are deserved, not made; watch the off sides; be sure to congratulate your teammate when he scores; I’m just trying to be the best teammate I can be; there is no I in team; is it true you don’t know what it means to suffer; but I don’t get everything I want; you’ve got to want to win; look ahead when you run so that you don’t fall over your feet; this is how to pretend that you know soccer; don’t talk about girls when asked about the game; stand tall, don’t slouch and this way they will all think you were born to win; to be good you have to believe in yourself; to be good you have to practice; to be good you have to overcome your weakness; to be good you must write down your goals; to be good you must work hard until your knees are weak and your muscles fail; no pain, no gain; and if none of this works there are supplements to take and exercises to do to make you stronger; always say you love the game; always play like you want it more; always hold in the tears when you think you are failing; real men don’t cry Thirteen; always remember that you are an Elite player even though it’s clear you will never have enough talent; but what if I don’t want to be an Elite player; you mean to tell me that after all that, you are not going to succeed.

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