Welcome to EvsPen.

It’s a website about a storyteller who likes to tell a good story.


ONCE UPON A TIME, there was a girl who became a mom who had a very vibrant imagination that grew and GREW until the stories spilled out of her head like boiled spaghetti out of a large pot.

[cue: the late, great writer and illustrator, Tomie dePaola and his masterpiece, Strega Nona]

The pasta – er, stories – were either overcooked or undercooked, and generally tasted awful – at least to her. So she went back to the basics, read books, watched videos, took classes and practiced the craft of cooking -er, writing – anywhere and anytime she had stolen minutes in between mothering her little, then big, soccer players who really were a time suck. The pasta – er, stories – were still awful, but maybe not as horrible, not as no good, or not as very bad as they were at first.

And this girl, who became a mom, then an empty nester, woke up and returned to her well-worn kitchen, er, writing and art desk, with a lot more ideas and a lot more time on her hands to figure out how to cook some good pasta — er, tell a good story, once and for all.

My name is Evelyn, aka Ev, and this is my Pen – digital pen. I have tried to burn down my story kitchen a thousand times over, but the devil has a fireproof apron and keeps beckoning me inside his (story hell) kitchen. Like the fool I am, I go to him. If I can raise two rambunctious boys into two pretty-put together men, I can certainly handle a devil who likes to tell me I can’t tell a good story.

Like his opinion matters.

I hope by sharing my journey as a storyteller you, too, will be inspired to cook up your own stories before the earth gets sucked into that black hole some very smart scientists keep talking about.